Housing For Heroes - Service Deserves Reward!

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Housing for Heroes - Service Deserves Reward!!

The LeadingRE Housing For HEROES program is a real estate rebate program offered together with Christine Serafini and Miranda Real Estate Group. It is designed to honor all of our workforce heroes.  

Who Qualifies As a Hero?  Workforce Heroes include but are not limited to:

  • Military - Active Duty, Retired and Honorable Discharged

  • Healthcare - Doctors, Nurses, PA's, CNA's, Health Professionals

  • Responders - Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Healthcare transaportation

  • Educators - Teachers, Adminitrators, Teachers Aides, Guidance Personnel, Custodial Staff

How Does It Work?  The process is simple, if you are a buyer or seller Hero, simply enroll in the HeroesRebateProgram.  All qualifying participants will receive a credit or cash value rebate based on the actual sales price once the transaction has been closed.  

Thank you for your service!


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